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Keith Brian and Alison

Vacation Pictures - March 2008

Kathleen, Brian, Alison & Cole took a trip to California in March 2008. Unfortunately Keith was not able to go with them due to work. The trip started out a little crazy, with the plane that was to leave Dallas having to return to it's point of origin for maintenance issues. That put the little family nearly four hours behind. Thankfully they were booked on another flight to Sacramento. They landed with barely enough time to run to the next gate and board.

The next day, everyone went over to Kathleen's mom's house for a surprise. She was outside and giving hugs to everyone when Brian and Alison walked up to her and she could not believe her eyes. It was funnier when Kathleen took the camera down from her face.

After that, there were get togethers gallore and a few last minute details to be taken care of before the Easter family get together.

Remember last year, when Kathleen said she was boycotting Spring Break, well this year makes it official. Brian was hot and decided he wanted to jump into the pool. He normally doesn't have a problem tredding water, but the shock of the maybe 40 degree water may have helped him forget, and he started to go under. Kathleen put down the weed eater, kicked off her shoes and dove in, pushing him up from his waist to catch his breath and got him to the side. Her brother and nephew gave her a combination of 8.5 on her dive. So, it is offical, no more Spring Break.



Last Updated May 4, 2008