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Provided by Paul A. Sakala, Sr.

First generation:
Andreas Sakala was born in Austria, he married Anna Zachmanec.
They had two children, Andrew and Verona

Second generation:
Andreas Sakala, born in Zupcany, Austria (Slovakia); 25 December 1862;
Died 20 September 1948, interred Walnut grove Cemetery, Clinton.
His parents were Andreas Sakala and Anna Zahmanec Zupcany, Slovakia
He came to the USA from Bremen, GE on the vessel Kaiser Kenich
during the rule of Franco Joseph, Emperor of Austria and Ajostolic King of Hungary.
He arrived in Baltimore, MD on 4 August 1898.
Marriage #1, Anne Ferrin, marriage #2, Mary Shuta, migrated to the USA in 1899,
this was her second marriage.
She may have been born in Monrovia, her first husband was Ondrej Stas, origin unknown.
Andrew and Mary raised 10 children:
6 sons:
John Stash (Blanford, IN), Andrew Stash (West Fairview Park), Michael,
George, Paul and Vincent.
4 daughters:
Sophia Andrich, Mary Jones, Anna Massa and Rose Hutson.
two brothers:
John Shuta, changed his name to Walter Baker, Canada
and Andrew Shuta of Czechoslovakia.

Third generation:
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Updated January 28, 2005